India is a growing market for our extensive line of proofreading technologies. Our local offices and our highly experienced teams will provide the expertise needed to support your requirements for the pharmaceutical, printing, commercial goods as well as other regulated industries, and will provide clients with a direct contact within the region.”

Reuben Malz,
President Global Vision

About Global Vision

Global Vision is the world leader in the design and delivery of Innovative Proofreading Technologies. Our solutions are widely interoperable and have been integrated into the packaging workflows of leading consumer packaged goods companies, printing firms and over 72% of the major pharmaceutical companies in India. Global Vision’s complete suite of proofreading solutions featuring text-based, pixel-based, barcode and Braille inspection technologies are designed to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors, providing end-to-end security at every stage of the packaging workflow. All our proofreading solutions meet FDA 21 CFR Part 11 / EMA Annex 11 requirements.


Packaging inspection suite


Artwork inspection solution for Mac and Windows environments


Text verification, document inspection and document comparison tool


Print inspection solution


Cylinder scanner

Scan Wet-Ink™

Wet ink roll scanner


Booklet scanner


Braille inspection and Braille verification tool


Braille dot measurement tool for Braille dot height


Barcode verification and decoder


Insert counting tool


Inspection hot folders