Text Verification Solution – DocuProof

DocuProof text verification solution is the world leading proofreading solution for document inspection and document comparison.  

Text Verification Solution - DocuProof

Text Verification Solution – DocuProof

DocuProof text verification solution compares text in virtually any language. Even compare unlike files (graphic vs. word files). Quickly and easily find changes in fonts, sizes, deletions, inserts, spelling, and location.

DocuProof dramatically eases the challenges that professionals face on a daily basis when trying to manage and ensure the accuracy of packaging components, contracts, publications, and manuscripts.

DocuProof is designed to dramatically reduce proofreading and quality control errors for highly regulated markets, like pharmaceutical and commercial package goods (CPG).

Inspect Word to PDF, Compare Text to PDF documents with complete accuracy in seconds.

DocuProof text verification solution can help you:

  • Compare PDF to text documents to text or Word
  • Inspect PDF to Word files
  • Proofread PDF files
  • With multi-language document compare
  • Ensure printed text is 100% accurate
  • Streamline & expedite approvals
  • Ensure copy integrity
  • Ensure accurate typesetting
  • Reduce time-to-market

For more information on DocuProof text verification solution please send an email to: info@globalvisioninc.in
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