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Barcodes on Packaging to Play Even More Critical Role – By Jenny Eagle

Barcodes in the food and beverage industry will play an even more critical role, according to Global Vision Automated Proofreading technologies.

The company, which has its headquarters in Montreal, Canada, supplies solutions that inspect artwork, text, barcodes and Braille on food and beverage packaging looking for differences



Changing consumer roles

Reuben Malz, President, Global Vision, told FoodProductionDaily, that with the advent of smartphone applications and other technology, a shopper in the future will use their phone as a scanner – scanning each item and adding it to their cart, then checking out and having the application automatically charge their account.

“Barcodes that cannot be read by these applications will result in a lost sale and the retailer sending back the product to the manufacturer, resulting in diminished revenue and reputation,” he said.

New technologies

Global Vision recently released the first cloudbased packaging inspection suite called Proofware this year.

The technology gives any CPG company the tools to secure their brand copy and artwork. It can verify text, artwork, proofs, barcodes or Braille more accurately and in a fraction of the time than manual inspection.

As part of the inspection suite it has added BarProof, a barcode verification application which automatically locates and verifies all barcodes on a label, carton or press sheet and grades them according to CEN/ANSI/ISO standards.

Label quality control

“With new food regulations taking hold in Europe and being introduced in North America, the need for technology like Proofware to ensure labelling quality control is paramount,” added Malz.

“Any company working in multiple regions that are or will be affected by food regulations, need to ensure the accuracy of their labels from the content through to the barcode.

“We created the Proofware because we work very closely with our customers and with the advent of labelling regulations, they expressed the need for tools that would provide enterprise-wide access to packaging QC tools.

According to Malz the main challenge for the food and beverage industry is expansion into emerging markets.

“We see labelling regulations being an important factor for all companies exporting their products,” he said.

“Europe is leading the way with regulations on the food and beverage labels. North America is now following this with regulations that will come into effect over the next few years.

“Label regulations based upon geographic regions will challenge companies looking to export their products, as labels will need to change based upon their requirements.”
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